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About Wick Light Organic Lighters

The Wick Light is a small case that holds a mini bic, and a refillable 4 foot spool of Organic Hemp twine coated in natural beeswax. The spool is nestled in a perfect compartment that snaps closed seamlessly, keeping your wick clean and protected. The wick travels up a short tunnel and exits alongside your mini lighter. Just pull up the wick, light it, and you have created pure fire, hungry to release the deliciousness from your smoke of choice.

The Wick Light was created to keep your bowls from being scorched, and to stop harsh butane from ruining the taste of your smoke. It creates a small flame that gives you more control over how much heat you apply to your bowl, which means no more scorching, no more wasted product, and a cleaner tastier hit.

The Wick Light has a Tastiness Guarantee! If your Wick Light fails to function in any way, contact us within 60 days of your purchase, and we will replace it for free.